Crème Story

Welcome to Creme, a bakery shop that blossomed from the legacy of Sweet Bloom Cakes which has 15 years experience within the industry, with an exceptional team continuing the tradition of sweet excellence. Creme is more than a cake shop, it's a continuation of the passion and dedication that made Sweet Bloom Cakes a household name in the world of confectionery.

Local Bakery

Your local bakery based in Ermington providing a combination of freshly baked cakes, desserts, savoury bites and good strong coffee. Creme is established because of the teams layers of talents which inspire the founder, Dewi Kurniadi, to go beyond what sweet bloom cakes offers and to push the door open to the unexplored.

Fresh Produce

Indulge in our delectable sweets, lovingly all prepared in our kitchen. Each batch is a culinary adventure, carefully crafted with premium ingredients to tantalize your taste buds and ignite your senses. We make everything by hand with the best possible ingredients. We pride ourselves not only on the aesthetic of our products but also on the quality inside the thoroughly developed flavours are to excite your palate. ​